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A serious lack of sexual education in. It means same origin different function. Spence and allen (1973) advocated the preservation of the glands with reduction in the size of the. Ability to achieve an orgasm is greatly enhanced. On either side of the meatus are the openings of the paraurethral glands (of skene). It means same function but different origin.

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Largest human female clitoris. If the gland is unusually large in size, then a reduction of the gland size may be indicated as well. In anatomy texts the bulbs are referred to as the bulbs of the vestibule and appear as if they form an erectile structure of the labia minora (. The odds are also good that you’ve wondered why your clitoris is placed where it is. 5: because her clit is like his penis, in order to climax she almost always needs some sort of clitoral stimulation. Since then, several reports have examined preservation of the neurovascular bundle using a clitoral reduction and recession type of approach.


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