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If you have never tried licking a womans asshole you should. Specially when he rubs my clit too. Every one has his own fantasies during sex. I ended up riding and squirting all over his rock hard cock, then he busted in my mouth. I want to please him the way he pleases me! To be safe than sorry.


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Lady licks her hasband asshole. I pull the skin on his balls, and lick and bite my way to his ass. Lastly, be mindful that no bacteria exchange happens from the anus to the vagina. You will both benifit from the expierance. I love the feeling on my tongue, i love the smell, i love parting the ass cheeks and peering in. Solution and rinse his mouth out good with it. Most of the time before we fuck we tongue each others asshole.

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Too bad, because the few times she has it’s been sheer heaven. There is nothing i enjoy more than to be able to lick my wife’s asshole first thing in the morning.