Jack welch sucks


This giant company no longer generates enough money to pay for investments in the business and dividends for shareholders. The [cash] crunch has been years in the making, but only recently has wall street come to grips with how bad it is. Alas) of renewable energy. For ge, the deal represented a doubling down on fossil fuels, even as renewable sources of energy, like solar, were gaining popularity.


Jack welch sucks. 2 in any given market is that the entire concept of market share depends upon how you define the market, which is always arbitrary. Is it total sales of a product category? if so, what do you include in that product category and what do you omit? do you segment that category by revenue, profit, geography, or unit sales? Even when acquisitions aren’t based upon flawed market definitions, they’re damned difficult to pull off. The answer to both questions lies in three widely-touted and widely-accepted “strengths” of ge that emerged from the jack welch years (1981 to 2001) but which, going forward, were in fact profound weaknesses. Stack-ranking”) involves political turf wars to determine the metrics by which the “bottom” is determined. Based upon its obsolete market definition, in 2015 ge purchased alstrom, a company that made turbines for coal-burning power plants, for a record breaking (for ge) $9. Similarly, at amazon, stack-ranking.

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At microsoft, for example, it drove managers and executives to sacrifice valuable team members to meet arbitrary firing quotas. Wall street and the business press have long accepted the wisdom of this approach, under the thinking that only the largest competitors can achieve the economies of scale required to put smaller competitors out of business.