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How to say asshole in italian?

That would be used in arguments. Apparently, much of this has to do with the dialect for certain parts of the country. Here in australia i was brought up with a wonderful, colourful array of dialect words. The mom pointed at something and the little boy, with his precious eyes and sweet little face responded,


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Italian translation for asshole. I had absolutely no idea there was italian slang for american guido. (they also know nothing about loyalty. My mom, dad, and friends rarely spoke proper italian, but spoke a combination of slang, dialect, corrupted italian words, and made up words with italian origins. Anyone know anything about that? It was like the word cafone. My girlfriend and i bought live in tuscany, so we have a ball sharing stories of mispronounced phrases. Is one of its conjugations, including the imperative.

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I am sure i spelled it wrong but i thought that was the word for fart until i was older. Yep,i can relate to all of those growing up with a abruzzese mamma and italian speaking croatian father.

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