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But having relentlessly quizzed male and female friends alike on the subject, i can surmise this: A soft, wet tongue can drive your partner wild. Casual contact, sharing utensils, drinking after someone, etc are not way for hiv transmission to occur. And here’s why. Better than giving them a kidney or buying them a pretty little house or sending flowers “just because.


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Is it safe to lick ass. There’s always a first time for everything, and some of us have never expanded our bandwidth of outlandish kinks. Yes i eat ass, yes i love having my ass ate. Distressingly, i felt the rumblings of a bowel movement deep in my gut, so i stood up to bring an end to the rim job. (cancer, cancer rising — all we do is feel and give. I think it’s possible to be safe and clean without stripping sex of its essential dirtiness, and i’m afraid that our generation doesn’t get that part of the fun of sex is that it’s fucking disgusting. He was fingering me, and i think he churned it up.


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What about penetration?

I almost never do butt stuff. But don’t go in there dirty — he’s big on a warm washcloth, mouthwash or, in a pinch, vodka. Lie on your back, pulling your ankles to your ears, and expose your hole.

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