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I’ve had the problem since i was a teenager. I have suffered from an itchy anus since i was 11-12 years old, so almost 10 years! i have not found a cure yet, but from what i read on here, it could be fungal? been doctors twice, the first time they told me to use wet wipes. Please don’t answer me with stupid questions and be sensible. It healed the same day. I realized that i was sweating a lot in that area and after applying an antifugal powder several times a day for several days, the itching went away. Before leaving the uk i suffered constant irritation of the bottom almost a year on and no longer use toilet tissue to this day no longer suffer irritation due to wiping.

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Inside the anus. My doctor tells me that it is absolutely normal and that everybody has it. Too much of vitamin a, vitamin e, and others can be harmful. You should try it, for these reasons: The nitroglycerin ointment used for treating anal fissures contains a concentration of nitroglycerin of only 0.


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The other thing i have been doing is using a talc powder w/aloe vera and baking soda based(baby stuff) with no perfumes to keep the area dry as a bone. I’ve seen 2 gynocologists, 1 dermatologist, one colon/rectal specilaist, one regular family practitioner and one surgeon. Start slowly, take it easy and listen to your body.

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