Iggy pop was bisexual


Iggy pop & david bowie

He is definitely into the occult in a huge way, i can tell you that. He was very much seen as being openly gay back then to his fans. Bowie doesn’t really look bad nowadays, but i do think that he’s had a good amount of work done. R147/r149, i wasn’t doubting your uncle’s perception at all, just surprised by the claim as i’ve never heard those rumors about the spiders, just bowie. And he disputed his own claims, in separate interviews, that he was both gay and bisexual. One of my favourites from bowie.

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Iggy pop was bisexual. Published 11 years before leigh’s book, she writes of the first night she slept with bowie. He still tours too. I am noticing that some posters here are talking like they expected bowie to wear makeup and stilettos forever. It spoke above all to boys alienated from straight-and-narrow manliness, and to girls looking for objects of desire outside those confines. During that time, he was definitely bisexual. Iman is bold, or at least, she doesn’t have a lot of hair left. Def not bowie’s vocals.

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I know “velvet goldmine” was based on their relationship. I’m referring to what was more accepted in the cities and their suburbs, versus what was accepted in podunksville. This thread is getting seriously ot get back to the ‘were they together’ topic.

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