I left my sperm in a fag

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Plea for ban on vaping flavours that harm sperm | news | the times

Visually representing blindness is a challenge, granted, but one which has not been met here. Hi there, am in the process of quitting, have cut down from 30 to 5 a day and will go on nicorette lozengers next week. It seems to be a turning point, but what? the abandoning of hope, or the start of recovery? a feat of imagery. Please send it to my email. I have quit smoking for a month now and i am not sure if this is final or will i start again.


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I left my sperm in a fag. I have been vaping for over 2 yrs now. Hadn’t thought of that. A plain background draws the eye to the subject. You didn’t give me no fries, i got an empty box. Scientists have called for the sale of several popular e-cigarette flavours to be stopped after finding evidence that they may damage male fertility. He also reckoned smoking a pipe was far better than cigarettes. Rushed into hospital feeling like i had been leathered with a baseball bat.


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Its falling on inferttal ground. This man, you’ve never seen him before in your life.