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A lifetime of comparison of this sort (and virtually every male does a quick mental check on each naked man he sees) can easily make you feel a bit inadequate. Just how stupid do you think women are? You’re trying to hard to sound like men are pitiful victims wanting a break from the matriarchy. What i get a kick out of is all the men who take one look at her and start explaining something complicated to her like she’s an air-head. Most men’s view about their penis is formed during childhood. (the system doctors use to evaluate development during puberty).

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How big should a dick be. For one night stands, women preferred a slightly longer penis, with a length of 6. You sound very concerned. So how can size will be increased. The average flaccid penis measures 3. Is that really your best comeback, that the other guy doesn’t have a girlfriend? dude, you’ve brought that up too many times. 9 inches (15 centimetres).


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One of my client aged 35 prefers long dick, because she had lots of sexual encounters with more than one person and she had found her fantasy. The findings were used to create a set of graphs, which should help doctors when they’re counseling men concerned about their penis size, or when investigating a possible link between condom failure and penis size, the researchers said. If you’re really worried that your penis is the wrong size, go and see your doctor.

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