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One species was a boldly pied black and white bird, the other was colored above much like the desert sand, so that when it crouched it was hard to see. Gave a good deal of information which, as far as i know, is not to be found elsewhere. Valuable information is often precise. These examples are from external sources. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘naturalist. I am one of millions of americans who cannot listen to classical music without thinking of a bald hunter with a speech impediment and a wabbit fixation. After watching their behaviour he concluded that ants might be next to humans in the scale of intelligence.

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Home made amateur naturalism. Together with colleagues at wageningen university in the netherlands, environmental scientist arnold van vliet is. Delivered to your inbox! Cherrie and leo e. Can you imagine the cost of trying to replicate the collection of data received by ebird or the cbc? it couldn’t be done. Smith, who at the end of his second volume gave a short list of the species he had shot, with some comments on their habits but without descriptions. Link as you wish, just don’t expect me to participate, okay?

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Add the power of cambridge dictionary to your website using our free search box widgets. In 1881 he published the results of his experiments, stating that he ‘doubted whether there are many other animals which have played so important a part in the history of the world’ than lowly worms.