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Crunchy, hollow guitars and a snare beefed up by gated reverb might as well be a time machine, watching the sands of time as you surf the new wave of british heavy metal. Contact webmaster 18 u. I love coppertops, she is gorgeous. In honor of the countless examples of extreme album art that make you look twice, cringe or shake your head in horror and disgust, we now present our picks for the 10 goriest album covers. The summer after college ended, i spent the summer with my mother. The cover of this album, the band’s third release, caused a stir among some major retailers who refused to sell and display it if the artwork wasn’t changed.

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Heavy metal cartoon oral sex. They built a big model b-17, shot it, and then animated over it. The actress and director both love the genre, but as they told indiewire, they also knew it needed to be retrofitted to tell the true story of catherine weldon and sitting bull. The vocalist uses a very limited range and sings powerless, confined vocal lines that sound like dulled-down bubblegum pop. The bass and the drums are more hidden and not particularly good, but not particularly bad either. Not surprisingly, the recording process was very free-flowing and collaborative like live-action, with the directors, producers and writers in the booth with the actor and rogen playing the other parts. You have a lot of inventive but awkward metaphors like “love pole” and “i want you to give me pearl necklace”, and a completely surrealistic “quack, quack, he feels so-so, he never should have asked for black leather”.


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If you enjoy the style, it’s worth a spin, but not much more. They have a strange talent, yes, but there is something irresistibly funny, and just plain irresistible about them.

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