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Yu say amy i got your baby three times at the bridge and she will appear. You are commenting using your google+ account. I went yesterday (10-31-10 halloween) me and some friends and im only 16 we went and we went to the top of the trail and aw a lady with a white dress and mysterious screams. About the only thing the stories have in common is a woman named amy meeting her violent, untimely demise. How she chooses to do that again varies, but there are two popular ways, which are interchangeable with the above-mentioned legends.


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Haunting lick road. Regardless of which version of the legend you hear, they all end with amy’s ghost haunting the end of lick road and the adjacent woods. After we had flashed the lights, honked the horn and nothing was happening, it was a unanimous decision to get the hell out of that creepy dead end. If you drive to the dead e. I saw nothing, and had no creepy feelings. Unfortunately, the evening ended with amy being raped and killed inside the car by her boyfriend. I just went there last night. But the creepier way she sometimes chooses to make contact involves her leaving you messages on your car.

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Thank god she never checked the odometer. Check out photos and more information from our trip to lick road by. Depending on the age of the person you ask, you will get one of three stories about what happened on lick road to cause it to become haunted.

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