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[anal play] no easy way to ask this: can you safely insert eggs into your anus? : sex

Mobi is a free hosting service for your porn videos. Rotting food in a body cavity is a recipe for blood infections. Go join a men’s chorus, sister, it’s all over for you. I wouldn’t put toothpaste in her vagina. A patient has had the better of me.


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Hard boiled egg anal insertion. Push out the melted goop. There’s no issue, but i wouldn’t put a load up there, just one or two. Typically i’ll blindfold her and use sensations coupled with toys to simulate whatever creature i’m playing. It was only after he came in two more times that it occurred to me, by the look of pained pleasure on his face, that the anal beads were only half the fun. You need something that will melt out, really.


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Rotten eggs up one’s ass would be distressing and extremely smelly. I’m pretty sure that’s not the sort of things you see ostriches interested in. The concrete hardened and the homosexual ended up in an emergency department.