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‘miss rayanne asked me to show you to the private elevator, Over time, i wondered what it would be like to be a spanker rather than a spankee. Trip had been only yesterday. She was bawling like a baby as her pale yellow underpants were uncovered in front. Her soaking panties hid nothing and did nothing to protect.

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Handprint spank stories. It was called the erotic trade show which one must admit rather gives a clue. The book also has. I simply moved forward with the line and stared at the back in front of me, trying not to think about it all. To be fair, most people thought the do-gooders had gone too far as there was now a total ban on spanking at home and spanking and caning at school. Learned about sex and love.


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She quickly traded the nightshirt and underpants for a. Some areas had been spanked more, and showed the first signs of purple welts, while others had been relatively spared.

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