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Was a significant place where gay men could at least obtain some sexual, if not interpersonal, contact. I wanted to see dave suck a cock for, apparently, the first time, just as much as the other two guys wanted to see it, too. Does it matter? maybe not. His adventures at his favorite dallas adult video store. The situation humphreys describes may stem from a closeted gay subculture, but even in that specific situation, many devotees of.


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Glory hole sex gay tearoom. I watched dave’s ovalled lips tighten around the tip. I heard hums of approval as i drank down his excellent man-juice. Men who like getting sucked often like sucking cock just as much. The 1960s and 70s were a time when “interpersonal” relations that built self-esteem and self-actualization were emphasized, as in the psychology of abraham maslow; perhaps humphreys is working in this context, finding the impersonality of tearoom sex (such as no conversation between the participants) to be psychologically damaging. I must have been the only guy to show up that day because this guy was so eager. I would have smiled if i hadn’t had my mouth and throat filled by such a big cock!



He kept all the documents generated during this research in a lockbox and destroyed them after his dissertation was accepted by washington university in st. The cock stopped moving forward as the man realized i wanted dave to get a really good look at the excellent erection.

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