Girls peeing bed

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Statistics, causes, and treatments of bedwetting

Though children naturally gain. If kidney disease is suspected. She has also seen a psychiatrist for these other issues, but she would only see her once a month and nothing is happening with her getting better or them accessing her and determining what is wrong. In fact, 15 out of 100 kids who wet the bed will stop every year without any treatment at all. Some children’s bladders develop more slowly than others. He is not sick, nor does he seem to be coming down with anything.

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Girls peeing bed. Usually after a period of a week or so the child adapts to the medication, but if any perceived side-effects persist then let your doctor know and they will advise on the best course of action. Effective therapy is aimed at the underlying causes. Make sure the child doesn’t drink very much during the two hours prior to bedtime. This gives a child the awareness that she can actually control her bladder if she wants to.

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They may cause side-effects such as dry mouth, nausea and constipation, which may in turn aggravate the bladder. Bedwetting usually goes away on its own, even without any intervention.

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