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Generally, just don’t put too much pressure on the situation and give her some opportunities and it will probably happen, but if you make it a thing then it won’t. Less formidable than a regular vibe as there’s no penetration. She had two boyfriends before me and didn’t even enjoy sex then but has grown to like it in the year we have been together. I was occasionally able to orgasm through masterbation, but that was a rare thing. Of course, this effect is especially intense when there is a history of sexual abuse, trauma or shame associated with physical intimacy.


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Girlfriend has never had orgasm. Her expression was worth the wait. She actually makes you stop so that you can’t give her an orgasm. Try having her go get massages, it puts her in a relaxed state of mind and for many girls i know gets them in the mood. Thing you can do is strive to be “the guy”. Also you can get attachments that slip over the ball. My body, my choice amirite? so if i think something, i’m definitely going to say it, kiddo.


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Did he? in one of the comments? all i saw in the op was that she has never enjoyed masturbating. I was a stay-at-home mom with no children in my home. I haven’t been able to orgasm from piv sex (yet) but i totally can from fingering and being eaten out.

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