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For most of us, wedgies are the reserve of nerdy childhoods and bullying brothers, intent on causing you pain and embarrassment by pulling your underwear up so it digs right in between your bum cheeks. Aria doesn’t stay quiet either she point out maia’s leopard print bra showing under her white shirt, then turns maia around and laughs at maia’s panties hanging out of her skirt with her shirt tucked into them. She rolled to the side and used one hand to pull at the back again, foregoing the waistband and gripping her fingers right through the legholes. Some clips are from porn actresses, deliberately appealing to the wedgie fetish, while others are innocent clips of wedgies jokingly posted by friends and family, that are now being spread across the internet and sexualised. Scarlet bends over as dava wedgies her in the cotton panties letting scarlet feel how they ride up her butt and then her front. I was right and remember spending hours in my papasan chair watching. Manyvids is a graphic, adult community that contains age-restricted content.


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Girl gets orgasm during wedgie. His twitter is dedicated to sharing videos, pictures, and artwork depicting wedgies. Mainstream porn providers are offering plenty of wedgiecentric options, too, and the amount of people watching these videos shows wedgie fetishes are more than just a tiny niche. She gave her frontal region a vigorous rub and knew she was aching for some naughty action. Sadie and roxie are in their bras and panties on the mats as roxie instigates sadie to try to take her down in a hold and wedgie her.

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Loath to move, she pulled a blanket over herself and lay there imagining, the panties still buried inside her. Unable to stop herself she slid off her jeans keeping the panties in her mouth and her pale flesh trembled as she looked at herself. Join a growing community of over 1.

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