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G-spot sex positions: 5 killer sex moves that stimulate your g-spot

And along with steps, there are four specific positions that are most likely to tip her over the edge. Here are the best ones to choose from. Is similar to the cowgirl position, but allows for a slightly different angle of penetration. So, now you know how it all works. I usually move my body through the cow yoga pose while he’s entering me, and he does it very slowly so that he’s not hitting it too hard. I really enjoyed the information, i know know i get better arousal thru the a spot. & to receive emails from popsugar.

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Three easy tips to hit her g-spot

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G hit position sex spot. Since blood flow to the area causes it to swell, the more aroused you are the easier it is to find. So, how does this thing work? it’s all about the nerve endings. Facing away from him, get on top with your tip-toes on the floor. You need to find what turns you on and then clinch. Um, yeah, not a bad backup. You can also experiment with the kind of penetration that you like best.

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Reverse cowgirl

It enhances his pleasure and makes him more excited. This position offers maximum pleasure with minimal effort.

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