Fly fish striped bass

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When retrieving the fly, use a long or short strip-pause retrieve, or slowly twitch the fly. Under normal conditions, the rio t-14 (14 grains per foot) custom cut outbound line will fit the bill. I use a large arbor 9500 or 9550 jack charlton mako reel. The line has a 30-foot, fast-sinking head integrated into an intermediate running line. The best scenario for covering the most water when drifting over different depths is when the wind is blowing from the west. On the extreme side, i have my secret weapon that i call the dredge.

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Know where the fish are


Fly fish striped bass. This way, the angler can still enjoy catching a few fish, even if none come to the fly. When fishing the rio t-20 or t-14, a 10-weight rod will fit the bill. To target big bass on fly tackle, you must be prepared with a rod that can generate enough power and leverage to subdue the fish. On my 28 parker sport cabin, with a 10 to 15 mile-per-hour wind blowing and a 350- to 400-grain line, my fly will usually get down about 30 feet before the line comes completely tight.


When deep fly-fishing, i carry three different sinking-line outfits with me, all rigged and ready so i can choose the right line for the right conditions. It has a sink rate of 8 to 9 inches per second and a 30- to 35-foot sinking head integrated into an intermediate running line. This line is no longer manufactured by rio, and has been replaced by the leviathan 750.