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Fire rated windows - steel windows

During this test, a calibrated spray apparatus applies water and cyclic static air pressure to opposite sides of your product. Steel windows and doors usa is proud to offer fire-rated windows & doors in various fire ratings. The tests for as2047 include a deflection test, operating force test, air infiltration test, water penetration resistance test and ultimate strength test. Furthermore a large selection of accessories and locking devices are available. Our door and window specialists can assist you with a preliminary quote that will cover sizes, options and hardware, approximate costs and delivery and/or installation dates. The pressure is usually decided by the one testing your product.

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Safetdoor - fire proof doors & windowsReduce water penetration by pre-testing with window weatherstripping

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Fire-rated window and door products

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Fire rated window water penetration. For more info on compliance please visit the awa website: However, this one is different based on how air pressure is applied. At the leading edge in its vision and technology, ultrafab, inc. They provide even greater building and occupant safety. The awa accreditation program provides a simple and. Verifiable means of proving the performance of a window.


Outstanding quality, security and design flexibility ensures architects, developers and home-owners achieve superior results and energy ratings. And approved by an independent nata accredited auditor to as2047. Range is available as outward opening single and double doors, panic doors, combined fixed window elements as well as glazed partition walls.