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I had him lie on the table again, This is a fictional story following my work as a prison officer, the sexual encounters i enjoyed along the way and an emerging love affair. This is a story about how things change b/w me & my bst friend. Makes me want to schedule an appt. It covers a week spent at a scottish castle with sixty students and work colleagues.


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Fetish male medical story. Every story is as accurate as my memory allows except the names of the people i encounter and most of the pictures. I am not the greatest writer in the world. Taken prisoner with no escape, abused, violated, beaten and raped unmercifully. In my search for medical fetish stories, pics, and vids, i stumbled upon this site. Deft and pitiless, she fits big toe and neighbour around the base of his cock and slides them upward, squeezing as she releases the tip with a twist of disdain across her face. I sealed his lips with my own and kissed him. Continuation of luke and chris: luke loses his virginity, ollie meets will and something terrible happens to luke at high school.


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After a long moment, her toe touches the centre of his chest and he sucks in a sharp breath, tries to pass it off as a stoic grunt. Except usually i spend it very much not alone. A night with my cold blooded teacher that proved he”s also a warm blooded human.

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