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Most of these guys don’t buy, but some dumbasses take their savings out and blow it on trash! it has messed with my busniess a little, but that’s why i stock up on stuff, and i have more than one avenue to get stuff. Thank you kindly, i love doing this! it’s my goal to either open my own thrift store, or possibly start an auction house. Banks don’t want people to go to collections either because then its an entire hassle. It’s hard to tell.


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Fetish auction sites. I’ve bought maybe 50 or so units, and i’d say only 5 of them had any ‘wow factor’ in them. I’ve watched mr and mrs. Personally i love old clocks and watches. Firearms, whether they’re new or old, belong to you but you have to register them to your name before they can be sold. He and his wife live in a small apartment completely debt-free. I’ve only sold 2 dildos and they were still in the package unopened. Some articles on emmadrew.

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It’s gona be hard work and you might even shed blood! this busniess will suck away your time like a black hole in the beginning! Jewelry is always crazy, i’ve seen blonds duke it out at auctions for flats of jewelry (not storage auctions, just regular auctions).