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Some recent studies have found that masturbating frequently as a young person leads to a reduced incidence of prostate cancer later. On average, a male can reach orgasm in four minutes while it takes a female nine. It will also get easier to insert more fingers. Most girls your age are just trying to learn external masturbation and have not even attempted to find their g spots. Using running water will make it harder for you to learn to have an orgasm without it. It sounds pretty normal, but you should work on getting by with less stimulation rather than more.


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Female oozing masturbation. So, an orgasm is a series of physiological responses that will happen no matter how it was triggered. The nipples generally erect when a female has an orgasm. Even a few months would be enough to make your body forget that it had ever masturbated prone. I think you’re doing all the right things, but you’re trying too hard to have an orgasm. You might have had an abundance of them during your dream which were still fluid when you got up. It takes most girls a long time to develop orgasmic ability. I frequently tell people that if they can’t achieve orgasm in intercourse to try to enjoy whatever else they can do, or to satisfy your partner.

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You’ll just have to find the right balance with more practice. Keep in mind that the clitoris and vagina get more stimulation in intercourse than the anus.

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