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Broken glass can be enemy work with strong pressure against you most often by secret enemies or returned witchcraft. Only in that one love spell area will you see a lot more
spells used by women than by men, for the reasons stated. Indecision about a major choice. Burn until they go out. You are commenting using your facebook account. The candle took 12 hours to burn down.


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Female domination candles. Remember to combine the meaning of the cracked glass with other signs, such as soot, burned label art, etc. While european-derived wicca and
neo-paganism postulate a “three-fold law of return” that
promises bad karma to any woman who holds a man captive,
dominates him, or subjugates him to her will, [name of lover], come under my command. Indication of an authority type figure giving orders, can be presences with this one. It has a
long and traditional history of use in employee-employer relationship cases
as well as in work of an intimate nature. Then she lights her red candle and she pours hot wax on his cock, his nipples and inside his nave.

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Wait for a better timing or be cautious. The flame is dripping, rising, and flaring constantly the spell is being resisted by the person it was intended for. And email us with any questions.

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