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Especially if she is wearing tights without underwear. What a great story about your daughter. What drives them is the odor that pantyhose feet can collect (especially with the right shoes). This is all true and karen passed away in 2000. The legs and feet a smooth look.


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Facination for pantyhose. I have seen her dressed up one time in 12 years and she looked hot. You are as particular about such things as i am. For me, i have always been extremely keen on wearing lingerie. Today i am wearing red panties, coffe bean legs panty hose, very tight body girdle, kotex to help hide my privet area, tight body slip, blue body hugging dress, breast forms, brown wig, 4in white pumps, clip ear rings with matching neckless, girls watch, several girls rings, a braclet in my right wrist and ankle, full makeup with my nales painted the same color as my lipstick. Call the toll-free helpline 24/7 to get treatment options now. I just want to say i have married the most terrific wife on earth.


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For me those with cut off feet do nothing for me, (yet i have no real foot fetish) bare legs look unfinished to me, just wear pants! wearing a long dress and boots, again negates the whole idea of wearing them for me. When i touched her hose, i fell in love with them and have had a love affair with them ever since. That was the second time i got to see her in that delicious state.

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