Facial fracture treatment

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Facial fractures treatment & management: acute phase

In few cases such as orbital trapdoor fracture and such as situation where the airway is compromised, early acute management is mandatory. Neuman mi, bachur rg. It is believed that the elasticity of their mandible results in more frequent dentoalveolar fractures than mandibular fractures. Other signs include trismus, pain with mastication, floor of the mouth hematoma, facial asymmetry, and paresthesia of the third trigeminal division [. Many situations can cause facial fractures. This type of fracture occurs more frequently in children because of the more elastic property of bones in this population. This is because ‘impacts’ on fractured areas might move the affected bones.


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Facial fracture treatment. These conditions have to be addressed immediately before a more thorough examination of the face is performed. Appropriate management of facial fractures is driven by reconstitution of premorbid facial appearance and occlusion. Post-operative 3d reconstruction scan of the same patient after open reduction with internal fixation. Depending on the position and extent of injury, this change in sensation often takes a number of weeks or maybe even months to disappear completely. Post-operative lateral view showing improvement of facial profile. The doctor will prescribe antibiotics if there is a high risk of infection.

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Your oral and maxillofacial surgeon will explain more about your fracture(s) and its treatment. Orbital fractures that involve a sinus should receive antibiotic prophylaxis. Skull fractures are more frequent than maxillofacial fracture in younger children because their cranium is more prominent than the face leading to more number of cranial and neurologic injuries [.

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