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A horseshoe configuration was noted in 18 patients (10. Technique varies widely in the published literature, which may account for widely variable success rates. Treatment may be covered by medical insurance and self pay packages are available on request. This webpage will give you information about surgery for an anal fistula. Surgical treatment may result in impairment of continence and long-term risk of recurrence. You should not go swimming until the wound has completely healed.

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Exercise following anal fistula surgery. There may be some bleeding or a discharge from the wound for the first few weeks, particularly the first time you have a bath or go to the toilet. Besides, quora prohibits giving personalized medical advice. Polyps are small growths on the bowel lining that are most often benign, but can sometimes contain a small area of cancer. But impairs continence in up to 60% of patients, especially those with a complex fistula. Will be able to guide you through the entire process. No patient reported any fecal incontinence.


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Recently, van koperen et al. Postoperative fecal incontinence developed in 28 patients (15. Its conical shape allows for added mechanical stability as high pressures within the anal canal maintain the plug in its proper position, avoiding dislodgement during straining.

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