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Compared to intraracial marriages, individuals in interracial marriages had achieved slightly higher levels of education, yet had lower family income. When the data are available (e. Nonracial factors played a much larger role in spouse selection for the interracially married sample than racial factors. One reason is that middle-class black americans are so numerous that they can form their own middle-class black neighborhoods, while in most areas middle-class hispanic and asian american communities are smaller and often fractured by ethnic differences. 9% of the total population) identify with more than one race, having grown 32% since 2000 and expected to increase 180% by 2050 (.

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Example of a literature review on interracial dating. You ought to determine the way for the scholarly study, and determine on the subject. Supreme court decision (. Out of the 14 studies that focused exclusively on one gender in their recruitment and analyses, 13 were all female, indicating that studies of exclusively multiracial males are rare. Theorists have stated that hate crimes against african americans is usually the result of the perceived threat to integrity and hegemony of the ingroup, but what about other ethnic groups.


Qualitative research methods volume 30. Key search terms included. General social beliefs towards interracial relationships dictate they are problematic and dysfunctional (davidson, 1992; pope, 1986).

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