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Babeland’s sex toy selection is fire. Dirty talk can feel like walking through a minefield for a lot of people. If you are looking for specific examples to use on your man, then my advice is to. Commit to getting naked and touching one another more frequently. Racy | powered by your mom. I own a number of male sex toys, and my personal “toybox” is growing rapidly.


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Erotic talk scripts. The speed of your voice also plays an important role when it comes to the non-verbal aspect of talking dirty. But, kinda :)actually, i’m just your average white collar guy who happens to have a soft spot for sexy women and hot sex toys. It can be a little uncomfortable at first, but there is such a sense of freedom that comes with allowing your dirty talk to flow freely. From current trends in sexting and video chat to not-too-distant-future ideas like virtual reality sex and artificially intelligent robot girlfriends, we have the power to harness tech for connection instead of alienation.


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A simple word can drop you right into a character you want to embody, whether it’s a pampered “princess” who is ready to be serviced by an underling, or a feisty “puppy” who wants to play rough. If what you did turns you on, chances are, it turns your partner on too. One of the fastest ways to boost the power and erotic, engaging quality of your dirty talk is to start using multi-sensory descriptive words.

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