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In addition, each category consisted of eight films, and each film in the same emotion had different scores on valence and arousal (see figure. Film clips from different categories were selected to elicit emotional states from different quadrants of affective space. And kitayama, s. Search our database of 151,984 films. It is worth mentioning that neutral films elicited avoidant motivation as sad. Rapid and deep breathing can indicate excitement, such as anger or fear, but sometimes also joy. A stolen boat brings them to an uninhabited island.

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Erotic film database. Third, films present more realistic emotional context whereby emotions develop over time, and allows researchers to study the time course of an emotion (. When he finally faces her, death tells him that he has only 12 hours to live and he needs to make the. However, the cultural differences in emotion can’t be ignored. She leaves him with their son. Meanwhile, mi-yeon (kwak hyun-hwa) begins working at the same real estate office. We asked the participants use one word to describe the type of emotion of each film. The rank of each category on valence, arousal and motivation.


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Shows the rank of each category on valance, arousal and motivation. Many previous studies have shown that emotional stimulus created by western researchers can also elicit the target emotions in asian participants (e.

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