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Romance has a much larger readership than erotica, and with amazon’s new pay structure, enne said, it’s far easier to make good money in the genre, particularly if you’ve already built up an audience. My biggest issue is not sem, keywords or anything like that. Erotica author jenny trout told motherboard that amazon’s latest change to its search results is ‘censorship’ and that there’s ‘no recourse for writers’. And then select one of the novels to star in.


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Erotic e novels. Nicholson baker is no stranger to writing about erotic encounters. ‘we have found that when books are placed in the correct category it increases visibility to customers who are seeking that content. One well-written blog post can be shared over and over again on social media. As popular as erotic fiction is, the internet, and those who own it, still shy away from anything that is not squeaky clean.

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