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This man knows his craft, he baulks at doing the easy stuff. Ergen ama prof 🙂 aglatana kadar vururum. He played the villain opposite. I remember seeing the dirty dozen, emperor of the north and the poseidon adventure in theaters with him.


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My interview with ernest borgnine, recalling career, his connecticut roots - hartford courant91 yrs old ernest borgnine reveals the secret of life  i masterbate a lot ! | ign boardsBy ken levine: ernest borgnine  1917-2012


Ernest borgnine masturbate every day. 16 comments posted so far. My wife says this will make more money than ‘the poseidon adventure. 16, 2010, 10:32 p.

i believe there may be a youtube clip of borgnine on a morning show commenting (while still miked) while going to commercial, that his secret to long life is (whispered), “i still like to masturbate. In hindsight, my second. Was “i masturbate a lot”. Bette davis has a reputation as a termagant, but borgnine, a fan long before they made the catered affair and bunny o’hare, disagrees.


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Borgnine, thanks for the interview! a great in-depth look and incredible anecdotes from a true hollywood legend and down-to-earth guy. I keep hoping to see the clip from carson where carson pulls out ethel merman’s book with borgnine sitting there. What an incredibly energetic presence he brought to every project i ever saw him in.

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