Eric the midget the bunny ranch

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Eric would have been devastated: bunny ranch destroyed in terrorist act : howardstern

They had her talking about her ride on the sybian. He said they’re too liberal with artie. The caller said that he would never go to a place like that but gary told him he just said he did go there, it was just too expensive for him. He had that done at his house. Robin read a story about john gotti jr. Gary said they don’t do things like that. He said artie is pretty excited about that.


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Eric the midget the bunny ranch. He said he could probably do that one in about an hour. Eric didn’t say anything. Artie agreed with him on that. Robin said the guy was 93 years old but they’re not sure what killed him. Howard asked if they got in touch with the felony chick.

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Howard asked if they left after that. Howard asked if he would talk to the people in costume there. Howard asked if he sticks around to sign everything for everyone.

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