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Anyone see drew rosenhaus on the best damn sports show period? | ign boards

I remember the “unnamed scouts” saying that rogers had a crappy delivery and because he was the product of the tedford school he wouldn’t amount to crap in the nfl. Sadly, the eagles are pretty crappy with or with owens at the moment. 1)rosenhaus and to were the ones who took their case to the media, not the other way around. ‘s 100th career touchdown reception. I might be a cynic, but i crack a smile every time i see someone turn their back on manziel. One has to think what t.


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Drew rosenhaus asshole. It is a shame because so many kids look up to these athletes as role models. So, i understand both sides of the argument. 10 luxury cars? hell no. All class act guys like greg hardy. Him into the third round. The packers are just stacked at rb this year. Emerson on nov 11, 2005.

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To phillyfan792000,you are an ignoramous and your racism renders any cogent thought, which might trickle into your tiny brain,useless. Yeah some serious exaggerating going on here. Homeboy was spotted all over coachella this last weekend and he looks like shit.