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Strange, unknown sensations coursed through my body, and , Still holding me close where i was powerless to control him, he turned me around so that i faced him before rolling onto his back. I didn’t have to wonder as to his goal, but i was curious as to what had brought this about; he’d never done anything like this before. Reaching out with one of his hand-like paws, the dragon knocked her off her feet and pinned her down, as easily as if she had been a blade of grass. Suddenly, “that’s not his finger he’s using.


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Dragon erotic stories. She boomed with laughter at her rider’s bewildered expression and hurried on with the matter at hand. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The sword clattered loudly and the hero cried, “shit!” in a heartfelt oath. Wrapped up in a scaly cocoon, exhausted and pleased as never before, i tilted my head up and pressed a light kiss to draco’s neck just above his shoulder. Demons beware when a witch is on the prowl.

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And as sick as it was, i loved it. He rumbled in a contemplative sort of.