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Anal itching (discharge care) - what you need to know

When i do get time to go hiking about 10 minutes into the hike i would hurt so bad i would have to turn back. Canesten hc cream (in very small amounts) works a treat. As soon as i got myself some high quality soaps (tk maxx do a lovely range of offerings at good prices) all bother disappeared. I think it’s toilet paper that’s been giving me itchy bum. I was convinced that keeping my ass in super clean shape would stop the itching that i was most likely wiping hard than i should and further irritating myself. Get out of the bath and do not dry your bottom. It sounds a little gross but i apply the aqeous cream after going to the loo and clean my bottom with my hands and the shower head.


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Discharge anus itching. Cue the butt itch. Ok, i want to start by saying, i have been itch free for months now! i had the worst itch and pain in my butt for years. Note that i do not work for any products i mention here. They have to be specially formulated for this condition.

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Anal itching symptoms

However as the infection progresses due to scratch etc, i use trimovate or best of all a small amount of dactacort which is a steriod/anti-fungal cream. I stopped scratching completely (i think this is most important), i wiped out soft drink from my diet and replaced it with tea. I clearly remember that my problem related to piles even before the course was completed was totally cured and has never repeated all these years.

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