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This detachment seemed to make him appear impervious to public opinion. When he appeared on television, his friends advised him to smile more. Halliburton donated to his campaign, and got numerous lucrative contracts during the bush administration’s tenure, even as it was discovered to have overcharged the u. University of wyoming 1966; ph. Rather than uproot his family, cheney instead joined a washington-based investment consulting firm. The deals occurred under the. ; attended yale university 1959-1960; casper college, casper, wyo.


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Dick chaney family. Cheney, by insisting that the government had the power to hold any person for any period of time without any way for them to challenge their innocence, is directly culpable for these injustices. Instead, his career would take an improbable turn: when the nomination of sen. For the first time, the house gave office space near its chamber to the vice president. With prices rising while the economy stagnated, economist arthur laffer approached the ford administration with his theory that a cut in taxes could stimulate the economy and thereby increase government revenues.


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Said of the nation’s 46th vice president, who played a strong role in the lead-up to the iraq war. Brent scowcroft, who headed the national security administration under president george h.

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