Desperate to pee girls peeing outside

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Erhard siegala | vk

I wish the last girl could’ve relaxed more because she’s adorable and she laughs when she starts peeing, that was cute. Girls who wipe after pissing: meeh what did you do that for? don`t do that. Please choose more attractive settings in the future. They all squat and there are views of vaginas and buttocks to enjoy. I’m sure you can see her do a pee dance before she squats.


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Desperate to pee girls peeing outside. Girls who don`t wipe: sexy sweeties, got it right. Great scene, but why film it near that disgusting dark grey blanket or overcoat on the ground ? that really spoils an otherwise great video. This must be a popular spot for female tourists to come and piss because the compilation video has lots of them going. I really like the last 2 girls.

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