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Demi also spent her prime movie-star years famously stripping twice for the cover of. Part 1 of a very hot sex scene. Moore also struck a resounding blow for female equality, becoming the highest-paid actress in hollywood with a $12. Demi moore making out with a guy and almost showing nipple as she lays back with him, his arm blocking the view of her breast from the side in this love scene.

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Demi moore naked nude. The cover sparked controversy as many argued it wasn’t right to portray a pregnant as a sex symbol. Demi moore doing a striptease dance in which she wears a loose white shirt that she tears open to reveal a glittery bikini underneath while she dances on stage. A young demi moore kneeling in a black bikini top as she lays out a picnic and calls out for people to come eat before michelle johnson walks up in a pink bikini and bends over while sitting down and then stares at a guy who joins them all as demi watches them. You can see the relevant screencaps below.

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I liked her breasts before she had implants. Striptease, which came six years later marked another peak in her fame, if not her career. Her breasts were perfect as they were, she absolutely did not need to have those implants.

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