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One of the sections in that document was my confession that it was my idea and my choice to wear a chastity device and that i wanted my wife to deny me sexual release. Mistress asked me if i was still willing to go forward with our plans and i told her that i was. She then said that since there was no provision for me to have an orgasm, it would probably be best for me to wear a permanent chastity device and have it secured with piercings. That would be totally degrading. He is suffering, i can tell.

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Cuckold chastity orgasm denial humiliation. I am dressed like a young girl, with a frilly bra and a short skirt. Sarah would not let me out of it (it had a lock on it and she had the key) but she gave me a monthly orgasm via a prostate milking. I could feel us drifting apart. I totally underestimated her resolve and commitment.

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Instead of arguing or apologizing, she started to shout that i was not attentive to her needs enough, i didn’t buy her flowers and gifts, i didn’t take her to dinners, and first of all – in three whole years, i never attempted to service her orally, although she had a really nice, well shaven and always clean pussy. This site is focused on training men to properly worship their goddesses.