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If any legal issues arise, having a doctor as a witness, rather than approaching the court with a claim that involves at-home insemination, will hold more credence than anything else. Decision to bear and raise a child. To maximize the likelihood that your intentions regarding parentage will be honored in the event of a future dispute, parties contemplating use of a known donor should consider the following: Edited by barbara stark and joanna l. Our second doctor had helped us to conceive. In paternity of m.


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Contract for sperm donation. In in the interest of h. The insemination was successful, resulting in the birth of m. Us (stating your full name, the full name of the other person in your case and your telephone number on which we can call you). In the absence of a contract governing the second child, the sperm provider would be considered a father and liable for child support. Seven years later, mother had a second child, c. The donor argued that he and the mother had attempted to conceive by sexual intercourse prior to this insemination and that the mother acknowledged him and the father and allowed him to celebrate the child’s birth. It is the job of the court to uphold state law, as well as consider.

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This is where the donor agreement comes in. In general, many state laws say that if it was done through artificial insemination then there is an automatic presumption that the donor gives up his parental rights. If this address becomes permanently invalid, the donor will.

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