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Doctor seen was abrupt to the point of rudeness didn’t put me at ease or fill me with much confidence their bedside manner left a lot to. Born a natural redhead in a family that had none. I was ostracized all during my school years, and this rejection reached its peak when i was barred from a senior week trip to the jersey shore because of my ugly hair. Volcanic dirty thoughts of red-head julie kennedy (39 photos) by: rick. We have nothing against red-haired donors,” cryos agency director ole schou told msnbc. 12 redhead personality traits. I’m not a red head but basically everyone else in my family is.


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Com group msn redhead site. Funny because everyone was saying to me ” 2 red head’s hmm, how is that gonna work?” like we are just so impossible to get along with. The issue for cryos, schou explains, is too many scandinavian donors have blond, middle blond, dark blond and red hair, a legacy of their viking ancestors who also heavily multiplied in scotland and ireland. The pentagram became an evil symbol to be feared, when in reality it is truly beautiful. A place we were always told didn’t exist. Elizabeth i was a redhead. Or i just give them the finger cuz i know my hair looks like a rockin rare flower :3. I just think sometimes what have i done so bad to constantly be ridculed? anyway, thanks for listening all.


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Even my doctor when younger did not take my complaints seriously because he said that redheads all have similar problems. Gorgeous girls with red hair are all over thechive. People have judged me my whole life because of my hair colour.

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