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She stood up while pulling on shorts and we went for a run. I knocked on sarah’s door at 7:30, wondering what i’d see. Just like her last room. But then they discovered the true horror: it was semen.


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College coeds cum shower. And in pressing the door against her breasts, her towel had come untucked. Friday, we repeated the same morning pattern. As usual, i was ready to knock on sarah’s door friday at 7:30 sharp. She smiled at me again and then turned away to find her shampoo. When the summer session started, the college moved students around to use fewer floors of the dorm (it saves energy!), and sarah and i requested and got neighboring rooms, whereas before we’d been on different floors. When we got back, we picked up soap and towels and headed to the showers.

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I’m naturally slim and try to stay moderately active, so running was not entirely out of the picture for me, but i was not in running shape. Our next run was yesterday morning – monday.