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Another tentacle wrapped around her hair, yanking her head back, before sprouting two tiny tendrils which worked their way up her nostrils, causing aki to sneeze. Not bothering to wait for two to finish tucking it in, the ringmistress climbed on top, her hips swaying sensually as she crawled into position. With the air removed as the vacuum formed, my breasts would blossom filling the inside of the rubber cups. Bree might have to learn and accept she would not be capable of a clitoral climax, but at least she would look ‘normal’. Over the end of them anna slipped on what she was sure was a normal rubber band.

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Clitoris stretch torment growth. And she knew it. Her nipples seemed to be continuously hard, standing erect, drawing attention to them. Standing spread-eagle in the centre of the room, claire thought it was over, when one picked up a remote and pushed a button, causing the hanging bar to raise up, stretching claire’s limbs. Without the use of her hands, it took a few tries, but she did manage to get the tip inside. Within seconds, her whole body was engulfed, and being massaged by the tiny nodules coating the inner walls. Over the next hour, the eggs throbbed and warmed, delivering odd sensations to their incubators. Claire’s venomous gaze told the ringmistress everything she needed.

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Both maids obeyed, two sitting on top of claire to keep her from escaping. The inner walls were slick and covered in writhing nodules, and at the bottom, four slime-slick tentacles which were, thankfully, not moving.

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