Chinese peeing sites

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No nose picking, peeing in pools: chinese tourists given travel guidelines

Since the photo went viral, one person has come forward claiming that the woman is their aunt and the young boy their cousin, and that the incident has nothing to do with cultural norms. Chinese travelers are ignoring. The paths to these locales disappear and reappear with the whims of the sea. The heartbreaking photos of a desperate mother are going viral for the second time. If we bring chaos to other places, it’s our image – the chinese image – that suffers.

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Can andy byford save the subways?

Chinese peeing sites. On saturday, a day after reviewing footage of a child urinating inside an elevator in chongqing, china’s ministry of public security issued a warning for parents to better educate their children. As for the crying single mother; this is not the first time these photos make their rounds around chinese social media. It was after they viewed cctv footage that they realised it was the boy’s cheeky actions that caused the lift to malfunction. The scene was captured on camera approximately four months ago, in early december of 2017. A passerby snaps pictures which then get shared online.


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From 2014 to 2016, the child underwent three surgeries, but his condition deteriorated in may of 2017. After causing mischief around the city, they are seen getting along with locals thanks to their improved behaviour.