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I was led in behind a curtain to the back room where i was told to sit and wait for an available masseuse. In wang’s case, her in-laws had demanded the matchmaker find their son a wife with tiny feet. Wang often baby-sits her neighbors’ toddler, carrying the plump 20-pound child on her back as she goes about her daily chores. Beginning in 1915, government inspectors could levy fines on those who continued to bind their feet. Wang lifen no longer remembers the pain of breaking her bones, but admits that sometimes her feet still hurt so much she can’t even put them down on the ground. (960-1279 ad) in china, although there are numerous folk lore and legends surrounding its actual origin.

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Chinese foot fetish. It seems only the interior organs are left untouched. The problem with status symbols is that even people without status crave them. Although infanticide of baby girls is no longer rampant in modern china, nevertheless baby boys continue to be preferred over girls. Maybe since india is doing the same thing (killing the girl babies) we’ll end up with some kind of martial conflict between the two countries.

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I love to watch and be watched. Others tell of an empress with club feet and followers who bound their feet in sympathy. If they had been exposed, the custom may have died out much earlier.