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So we did that. The baroness doesn’t only want attractive serving girls, but willing companions who can help keep her guests entertained. I can also see you in a rough n dirty scene with filthy talk, being shoved up against a wall, and some sexy bdsm/spanking. Adele and i have this kink in common. Was a very special one, finishing 2014 on a high note.


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Chics spank men. Women actually love bdsm to the extent that they do. It was created with. Old books and ink, hand-lettered typography, words on skin. I’m particularly enjoying that he seems to have a goth girl fan base :).

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For me lust has a lot to do with wanting without having, so for his body to go from revealed to covered increases the desire – as well as the specific clothes creating an aura of toppiness that has me squirming in my seat. That gives his beauty a rockstar pinup quality: i would totally have had that picture on my wall as a teenager. With a total of five videos and three photosets it was a full day – especially since many of the scenes ended up being much more physically demanding than we’d expected, thanks to ms vixxxen’s incredible enthusiasm, and tendency to ramp everything she does up to the max.