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She then smiled wickedly once more. Blanche teased my arse with the cane as we watched the superbly authoritative arabella show her complete control over the defeated headmaster she merely pointed to her feet and the gimp crawled to the bowl ; the white streaks and blobs on the black enamel there for all to see, testament to his disgrace and humiliation earlier. If i’m ever going to be able to. What he needs is a loving female authority. I lifted my head sharply to find her twirling the panties before my nose; she then moved her legs apart and allowed me a view of paradise.


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Caged dominant erotic hubby story wife. Then i toke her shopping. I will not allow my cuckolded man to ejaculate at any time without my permission and this includes when i choose to take the chastity device off too. I followed him down the cellar steps and there was the wimp on his knees sucking a cock. He stayed like that for the two years we dated and through the first year of our marriage. She walked around the vehicle to the passenger door and opened it, curtsying as she did, giving me a quick view of her soft feminine cheeks; her waist so slender and dainty in her maid’s uniform. The underside of his shaft slowly with the tip of one fingernail. Reluctant wife becomes an eager wife.


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The fourth time, she sucked my cock (a very rare event). I understand,” carl said with resignation.

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