Brothers peeing tree


When is it ok to pee in front of other people?

To read the first. 3 pees in one place). I am so sorry. Life it too short to worry about this. He didn’t like being punched in the nose. Paws all crossed for mr.

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Brothers peeing tree. My nephew and only a very small handful of men i know sit to urinate because they figured out it is way more comfortable and easier to aim while sitting. Personal health can be an issue when taking advantage of the great outdoors. My mom knew we were upset and tried to explain why it would be like that. Like forrest gump at the white house telling president kennedy, “i gotta pee,” the urge to go is often in inverse relation to the solemnity of the venue. Sophie throws off mixed signals all the time. Dressed only in her diaper, she threw her ample belly over the lip of the toilet.

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But most concede that finding a place to micturate discreetly is an ever-present concern on tour. In fact, she came upstairs and tucked herself into a corner in the hallway at bedtime instead of taking her usual spot on the couch.